Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

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Medpro24 is a service offered by Medpro24 Inc, 2045 W Grand Av Ste B pmb 43110 Chicago IL 60612 USA. Medpro24 provides productivity improvement services and management and storage of personal data, including special categories of personal data, primarily medical and health-related data. It is aimed at healthcare professionals, legal entities in the health sector, and the general public.

It complies with the privacy laws and guidelines of the European Union, including the General Data Protection Regulation [Regulation (EU) 2016/679] for the protection of privacy. Medpro24 respects the right to delete and not sell the personal data of its Service users while it may offer access to aggregate anonymized data to advertisers, as described below.


1.1 Acceptance of the use of the Medpro24 service implies acceptance of this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy as posted, in its entirety and without exception. If a Medpro24 service user, upon connecting to it, fails to understand a term of this policy or does not agree with it, they must discontinue the use of the Medpro24 service or/and request clarifications from the data protection officer of the legal entity providing the service, by sending an email to dpo @ medpro 24. gr
1.2 Η This Policy explains how Medpro24 and potentially companies we partner with collect, use, process, and protect the personal data stored in our storage spaces, on our website (, and any software provided within the Medpro24 services (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Service"), as well as the user's choices regarding the collection and use of your data and the data of others. 1.3 By using the Medpro24 service, you understand and agree that we provide a platform for uploading identification information of natural/legal persons as appropriate, contact details, and other content including photos, comments, personal data, health-related data, special categories of personal data with a focus on medical data (hereinafter collectively referred to as "User Content" or "Data") and sharing them at your sole responsibility, wherever you deem necessary. This means that the users of Medpro24 that you grant permission to can search for, view, use, or share any data you upload or authorize according to the terms and conditions of this Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy and the Medpro24 Terms of Use (available at 1.4 H Medpro24 is the data controller for the data collected. Medpro24 has policies that impose the application of strict rules, as far as technologically feasible, to ensure that the data posted on the Service are used by those who upload them, as provided. This policy applies to every visitor, user, and third party accessing the Medpro24 Service (collectively referred to as "Users").


To operate and effectively use the Service, we collect the following types of data.

2.1 Data you provide directly:

2.1.1 Your email address and password when you register to activate an account as a Medpro24 user.

2.1.2 Identification information you provide to create a user profile (name, surname, phone number, etc.). This information allows us to recognize you when you communicate with other users.

2.1.3 Content you upload to Medpro24. Indicatively: names, phone numbers, email addresses, medical appointments, social security numbers, tax numbers, home addresses, photos, images of medical data (e.g., ultrasounds, X-rays, and other medical reports), medical examination results.

2.1.4 Your communications with Medpro24. For example, we may send you electronic messages about the Service (e.g., account verification, changes/updates to Service features, technical updates, and security announcements regarding the Service). For your security and that of the Service, you cannot disable receiving these Service-related messages.

2.2 Information using analytics tools:

2.2.1 We may use third party analytics tools, to better measure traffic and trends in the service.

2.2.2 We collect and use this analytical information, along with analytical information from other users, so that a user who communicates with another user can be identified.

2.3 Cookies and Similar Technologies:

2.3.1 When you visit the Service, we may use cookies and similar technologies such as pixels, web beacons, geolocation information, local storage, to collect information about how you use Medpro24 and to provide you with new features.

2.3.2 We may ask advertisers or other partners to provide advertisements or services to your devices, which may use cookies or similar technologies placed by us or a partner.

2.4 Log File Information:

2.4.1 Log file information is automatically recorded by your browser each time you request access to Medpro24, a website, or an application. It may also be recorded when you download content from the website or application to your browser or device.

2.4.2 When you use Medpro24, our servers automatically record certain log file information, including your request, Internet Protocol ("IP") address, browser type, referring/exit pages, URLs, how you interact with links in the Service, domain names, landing pages, pages viewed, and other similar data. We may also collect similar data from emails sent to our users to help us track which emails are opened and which links are clicked by recipients. This data allows for more accurate reporting and improvement of the Service.

2.5 Device Identifiers:

2.5.1 When you use a mobile device like a tablet or phone to access Medpro24, we may access, collect, monitor, store on your device, and/or remotely store one or more "device identifiers." Device identifiers are small data files or similar data structures stored on or associated with your device that uniquely identify your mobile device. A device identifier may be data stored in connection with the device hardware, the operating system, other software, or data sent to the device by Medpro24.

2.5.2 A device identifier may convey information to us or a third-party partner about how you browse and use the Service and may help us or others provide reports or personalized content and advertisements. The Service may not function properly if the use or availability of device identifiers is impaired or disabled.

2.6 Metadata:

2.6.1 Metadata are usually technical data associated with User Content. Metadata can, for example, describe how, when, and by whom a piece of User Content was collected and how that content is formatted.

2.6.2 Users can add or have metadata added to their content in the communication process, including a note (e.g., to tag keywords when uploading something), geolocation (e.g., to tag your location), comments, or other data. This makes User Content more searchable by others and more interactive.


3.1 In addition to the specific data uses described in this policy, we may use the data we receive for:


We will not rent, sell, or share your data with third parties outside of Medpro24 and the group of companies Medpro24 belongs to, without your consent, except as described in special cases in this Policy.

4.1 With whom we may share your data:

4.1.1 We may share your data and general User Content, including but not limited to, data from cookies, log files, device identifiers, location data, and usage data, with businesses that use Medpro24.

4.1.2 We will not share your medical data but may share data about how you use the Service with the legal department of other businesses or individuals outside Medpro24 or within the Medpro24 group of companies or that will become part of the group Medpro24 belongs to (hereinafter referred to as "Partners"). Partners may use this information to help provide, understand, and improve the Service (including providing analytics) and their own services (including providing you with a better experience). However, these Partners will adhere to the choices you make about who can see your medical data.

4.1.3 We may share your data, as well as data from tools like cookies, log files, device identifiers, and location data, with third-party organizations that help us provide the Service ("Service Providers"). Service Providers may have access to your data to the extent necessary to provide the Service and under similar confidentiality terms.

4.1.4 We may share cookie data with third-party advertising partners. This information will allow third-party ad networks to provide targeted advertisements that they believe will be of most interest to you.

4.1.5 We may remove parts of data that can identify you and share anonymous data with third parties.

4.1.6 We may combine your data with other data so that it is no longer associated with you and share it as aggregate data.

4.2 With whom you can choose to share your content:

4.2.1 Based on your profile and privacy settings, you have the ability, responsibility, and right to communicate with the individuals or legal entities you choose each time by sending your data.

4.2.2 If you delete data that you have already forwarded to a Medpro24 User or third party, copies may remain visible in cached and archived pages of the Service, in other Users, or third parties who use the Medpro24 API and have copied or stored that information.

4.3 What happens in case of a change of control:

4.3.1 If part or all of Medpro24 or its assets are sold or transferred to another entity as part of a transaction such as a merger, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, or liquidation, your data such as name and email address, User Content, and any other data collected through Medpro24 may be part of the items sold or transferred. However, you will continue to be the owner of your content.

4.3.2 The buyer or transferee must adhere to the commitments we have made in this Policy.

4.4 Responding to legal requests and preventing harm:

4.4.1 We may access, preserve, and share your data in response to a legal request (such as a search warrant, court order, or subpoena) if we believe in good faith that the law requires us to do so. This may include responding to legal requests from jurisdictions outside the European Union where we believe in good faith that the response is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction, and is consistent with internationally recognized standards.

4.4.2 We may also access, preserve, and share data if we believe in good faith that it is necessary to detect, prevent, and address fraud and other illegal activity, to protect ourselves, the User of the Service, and others, as part of investigations, and to prevent harm to life or immediate physical injury.

4.4.3 The data we receive may be accessed, processed, and retained for an extended period when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, government investigation, or investigation of possible violations of our terms or policies, or to prevent harm.


5.1 Storage and Processing:

5.1.1 Data collected through Medpro24 is processed and stored by Medpro24 exclusively within the European Union and in member countries where Medpro24, its Partners, or Service Providers maintain facilities.

5.1.2 By registering and using the Service, you consent to the transfer and storage of information in European Union countries (where Medpro24, its Partners, or Service Providers maintain facilities), the use and disclosure of your data as described in this Policy.

5.1.3 Only the Medpro24 User (or any authorized person) is entitled to transfer personal data, medical history, examination results, and other data concerning them to a third party (e.g., health sector entities/professionals) outside the EU.

5.1.4 Based on scientific and technical standards, we use appropriate and necessary measures to maintain the security of data collected through Medpro24, take appropriate measures (requiring the use of a unique password, etc.) to verify your identity before providing access to your account, and use control tools for periodic security checks of our platform (conducting penetration tests, etc.). However, Medpro24 does not guarantee the security of any data you transfer to it or that personal and non-personal data stored in Medpro24 cannot be accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed.

5.1.5 It is particularly important for each user of an electronic platform to take the necessary measures objectively required to support the security of their data on the electronic platform. Pay special attention and care to securely storing your unique Medpro24 password, managing your account data, and controlling access during your communications with Medpro24. Keep in mind that your privacy settings may be affected by changes made by social networking services you use.

5.1.6 We are not responsible for the functionality, confidentiality, data protection measures, and reliability of the security measures taken by other entities or third parties.


6.1 Your account data and profile/privacy settings:

6.2 Duration of User Content retention:

6.2.1 Upon the termination of a user account, Medpro24, its subsidiaries, or Service Providers may retain data (including your profile information) and possibly User Content for up to two years for auditing purposes or for the necessary time required by law.

6.2.2 If the user wishes to fully delete the data concerning them from Medpro24, they can proceed through their profile options to deactivate their account. Upon completion of this action, all data related to the specific user will be deleted from Medpro24's active databases and from backups if feasible. In any case, the data of the above-deleted user will not be reactivated without the subject's consent request.

6.2.3 Service backups may be retained for up to 10 years. Data required by law to be retained is exempt from deletion and will be kept for the period specified by the applicable legislation.


7.1 Medpro24 continuously ensures compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. This Regulation provides a range of rights for individuals, which are now more widely protected.

7.2 Specifically, Law 3471/2006 (Government Gazette 133/A/28.6.2006, which transposed Directive 2002/58/EC into national law as amended by Directive 2009/136/EC and as currently in force), Law 4624/2019 (Government Gazette 137/A/2019) and the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Union) ensure the following rights:

7.3 If you wish to exercise any of your above rights, please contact us by providing a relevant description of the right you wish to exercise in the most convenient way for you from the following options:


8.1 Medpro24 does not knowingly collect personal data from individuals under the age of 18 or knowingly allow such individuals to register for the Service. The Service and its content are not directed at individuals under the age of 18. If we become aware that personal data has been collected from individuals under the age of 18 without the consent of the parent, guardian, or the person having legal custody of the minor, we will take the necessary steps to delete the minor's data.

8.2 If you believe that we may have data provided by a minor under the age of 18, please contact us using one of the methods specified in the contact section.


9.1 We are not responsible for the practices of any websites or services linked to from Medpro24, including the data or content contained within them.

9.2 When you use a link to move from our Service to a third-party website or service, the Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data of Medpro24 do not apply to third-party websites or services. Therefore, please read their respective Privacy Policies and Personal Data Protection Policies before browsing or using them. By using Medpro24, you expressly agree that we are not responsible and do not control any third party that you authorize to access User Content of Medpro24.

9.3 If you use third-party websites or services and allow them access to Medpro24 User Content, you do so at your own risk.


In the event of the death of a Medpro24 user, please contact us using one of the methods specified in the contact section below..


If you have any questions about this Policy or the Service, please use the following contact information

Representative in Greece:
SNS fortech A.E.
Address: Arkadiou Street 30, 15231 Chalandri, Attica
Tel. +30 210 6771012



12.1 Medpro24 may periodically update or revise this Policy, so please review it regularly. We may provide additional forms of notice of modifications or updates as appropriate based on technological capabilities and your preferences. 12.2 Continued use of the Medpro24 Service after any modification to this Policy constitutes your unconditional acceptance of the updated Policy as in effect.


This Policy was posted and became effective on 7.7.2023. .

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